India may be a fast developing nation with a progressive outlook, but it speaks in hush-hush tones when it comes to sex. Durex, the most popular condom brand in India wanted to create awareness amongst all age groups on World Population Day and educate the youth about responsible sex without coming off too cheeky or preachy.

The message needed to be put forth subtly but firmly. The ideas was an innovative game which tracks the population of India in real time. The counter increases by 1 every 1.5 seconds because that's the rate at which India's population is growing. The game's interface features a whole swarm of animated sperm and the user has to click on each of them to "put a cap on it". The faster the player clicks the population counter reflects the progress by reducing the number on the population counter. To make the game more interesting, there were different levels starting with "Virgin" and ending with "Saviour Of Mankind" with varied levels in between.

The message was conveyed effectively. Users shared the experience through Facebook connect thereby viralling the game. Soon, the numbers followed:
Caps - 12,450 were put on
Engagement-avg. time of 8 minutes spent on the site
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